Exotic beverage reviews

I have a collection of energy drinks, weird drinks and drinks that make strange claims. I've sampled some of them. You'll find reviews below. Enjoy!

About Energy Drinks

The biggest hurdle facing all energy drinks manufacturers is that the key ingredients of an energy drink have an overwhelming tendency to taste like shit. Caffiene and guarana, the most common "energy" ingredients, are bitter and unpleasant tasting. Vitamin-B, the bane of all energy drinks, tastes like rotten vegetation, and makes your urine green and aromatic. Taurine encumbers any drink it's included in with the disgusting flavour of bile. Add to these wonderful ingredients the growing trend for energy drinks to include obscure items such as ginseng, gingko biloba, gotu kola, green tea, and other things found evolving in the lichens of Brazilian rainforests, and you're beginning to understand the difficulty in making an energy drink that doesn't taste like wrung-out lawn clippings.

Red Bull Clones

It's become apparent to me that there must be importers who're dragging boatloads of Red Bull knock-off energy drinks into the country, relabelling them with some catchy title, and selling them as unique drinks. I've encountered at least a dozen drinks that have exactly the same colouring, and virtually exactly the same flavour and ingredients (give or take some sugar) as Red Bull. Either it's impossible to invent a new and interesting beverage, or there's a massive market in bootleg Red Bull. (Which, I admit, is quite possible. Hooray for Ravers.)

The reviews and stuff:

Some of the reviews are below, with nifty little thumbnails and what-not. The rest you'll have to dig up via this link.